Rehabilitation therapy with targeted and timed spinal cord stimulation helped men with paraplegia control leg muscles — even with stimulation turned off. Source: NEW FEED [...]
Fri, Nov 02, 2018
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3 previously paralyzed people can now walk with minimal assistance, Swiss researchers report. They need only the aid of crutches or a walker, thanks to incredibly precise electrical stimulation of their spinal cord combined with intensive rehabilitation, the scientists say.... [...]
Wed, Oct 31, 2018
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Adenovirus typically causes cold-like symptoms, but can be fatal in weakened patients. The children at Wanaque have developmental disorders or immune deficiencies. Source: NEW FEED [...]
Tue, Oct 30, 2018
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Sat, Oct 20, 2018
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Long-term acute-care hospitals can provide high-quality healthcare and exceptional outcomes, according to Lou Little, president of the National Association of Long Term Hospitals. It is vitally important that their role be understood and continued. [...]
Fri, Sep 14, 2018
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