Permanent Services

Let us bring the talent to you.
We recognize the fierce competition the healthcare industry faces today. Your residents and families have nearly unlimited choices for skilled nursing, assisted living, home health and Independent living services.

Your ability to provide the best care and services for your residents is directly related to the clinical and professional qualifications of your management team. Recruiting for key positions is difficult even under the best of circumstances and an unplanned opening makes things even more difficult.

At some point, most companies find it necessary to recruit from the outside in order to obtain the experience, technical knowledge and leadership skills needed to compete and prosper in today’s market place.

The Merritt Search Group can help your organization realize its long term vision and help you build an exceptional team for the future. We have developed an intricate and thorough candidate assessment that ensures the candidates we work with possess the experience, skill set and proper motivation that is required by our clients.

The Placement Process
Let us fill your permanent vacancies
  • Administrator
  • Executive Directors
  • Regional Director of Operations
  • VP of Operations
  • Regional Business Office Consultant
  • Regional Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Business Office Manager
  • Controller
  • President
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Director of Nursing
  • Resident Care Coordinator
  • Director of Health Services
  • MDS Nurse
  • Staff Development Coordinator
  • Restorative Nurse
  • Nurse Manager
  • Assistant Director of Nursing
  • VP of Clinical Operations
  • Regional Nurse
  • Regional Director of Reimbursement
  • Social Services Director